Apply for an Activity Fund grant

Activity Fund grants are provided to young people (under 21 years old) whose primary barrier to participate in sport or physical recreation is due to a physical impairment.

What can I apply for?

  • Equipment - Either the adaption of equipment or the purchase of disability specific equipment
  • Lessons and/or Coaching - This could be group or individual lessons/coaching and could be within school time or within a club
  • Camps - Costs associated with the young person attending the camp. For example, to cover the additional cost(s) of a support person at the camp, the transportation or accommodation

If you are unsure what category your application fits into, please contact your local Disability Sport Adviser (DSA).

How much can I apply for?

The Activity Fund allows for applications of up to $4,000. With each application we look for a 15% personal contribution. If you believe a 15% personal contribution may be a barrier to applying, please contact your local DSA.

Application criteria

  • The grant recipient is 21 years or younger
  • The grant recipient(s) primary barrier to participation in sport and physical recreation is due to a physical impairment 
  • If the recipient is under 18, parental approval is required
  • Equipment should be trialled by the recipient prior to applying for a grant
  • Letter from a health care professional stating that the equipment, lesson/coaching, camp or other application type is suitable for the recipient
  • Completed Personal Action Plan (PAP) is required for lessons or coaching applications. (Contact your local DSA to request a form)
  • Quote for the equipment, lesson, coaching, camp or other provider
  • We can not fund retrospectively for equipment, lessons and coaching or camps that have been purchased or attended.
  • A personal statement from the grant recipient or caregiver stating how the equipment, lessons or coaching or camp will benefit them

You will need these documents in an electronic format to upload during the online application process. If you do not have these documents in an electronic format, or you require assistance completing the online form, please contact your local DSA.

Timings for Application

 We run Activity Fund assessment meetings on a monthly basis. Our Disability Sport Advisers must Endorse suitable applications by the last Wednesday of every month (excluding December when we do not hold a meeting). Please consider the time needed for the application to be worked up, assessed and assigned to a meeting; as we do not fund retrospectively. 


AllSports Activity Fund Application Process

The AllSports Activity Fund enhances the lives of physically disabled young people by providing financial support and removing barriers to enable them to participate in sport. Please follow this process when making your application to increase the likelihood of your application being accepted.

  1. 1

    Decide if you are making an Individual application for equipment, coaching or lessons or a camp that will enhance the life of a physically disabled young person(s)

  2. 2

    Approach the key contact person of the school, club or equipment provider and discuss your needs (e.g. lesson plan, trial a piece of equipment)

  3. 3

    Check that the equipment, lessons, coaching or camp fits the guidelines of the AllSports Activity Fund

  4. 4

    Complete the Online Activity Fund Application ( To successfully complete this online application you should gather the following information beforehand, where possible/relevant.

    For equipment:

    • a supporting letter from a Medical Professional, e.g. Physio, Occupational Therapist
    • a quote for the equipment
    • The equipment MUST be trialled or tested before application.

    For lessons or coaching:

    • a supporting letter from a Medical Professional, e.e. Physio, Occupational Therapist
    • a quote for the lessons or coaching
    • a lesson plan (PAP)

    For camps

    • a quote or estimate for the specific component applied for
    • if applying for support person hours you will need to provide a breakdown of how these hours will be used
    • a plan of what physical activities will be on offer at the camp and how the physically disabled young person will be included
  5. 5

    The local Disability Sport Adviser will then assess the application and will contact you if further information is required

  6. 6

    The application will then be sent to the Halberg Disability Sport Foundation Grants Committee on your behalf

  7. 7

    The Halberg Disability Sport Foundation will inform applicants via letter of the outcome of the grant, either successful or unsuccessful

  8. 8

    Successful applications will be paid directly to the supplier on receipt of an invoice

  9. 9

    Successful applications must be utilised within 6 months from the approval date

For further information, contact your local Disability Sport Adviser or contact the Halberg Disability Sport Foundation by phone on 0800 HALBERG, email


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