Boccia is a sport specially designed for athletes with a significant physical disability and has no counterpart in the Olympic Games. It was developed by the Swedish disability sports federation in the 1970's, taking inspiration from games such as bocce, boules and petanque.

Men and women compete together in teams, pairs and individual events. It is a game of precision, with leather balls thrown as close as possible to a white target ball (the jack).

For those who dream of reaching the pinnacle of the sport and who want to compete at the Paralympic Games, Boccia is a sport that involves a significant amount of skill and strategy. The top athletes in the world work hard to perfect their game, and display a high degree of muscle control, accuracy, concentration, and tactical awareness.

Not only does Boccia present an opportunity for elite athletes to pursue their dreams through numerous international competitions such as the Paralympic Games, it also caters to the social participant who wants nothing more than to participate in sport and socialise with their peers.

Boccia New Zealand is committed to advancing the game of Boccia in all forms and at all levels in New Zealand, including nationally, regionally and at club and community levels.