Wheelchair Curling is open to male and female athletes who are not ambulant or who can only walk short distances. Their disability must be of a permanent nature.

The aim of the game is to slide a stone down a sheet of ice towards a target (the house) and to get as close to the centre of the target as possible. Each team will do its best to prevent the other from achieving this aim by placing a stone in the way or by knocking their opponent's stone out of the target area.

Each team is comprised of four players at any one time, although five players may comprise a squad and any four may play in a game. All teams must be composed of mixed gender.

Within each team, a particpant plays two stones alternately with his/her opponent.

Sweeping the ice in front of the stone, however, is not a part of the wheelchair game.

Wheelchair Curling made its debut at the Paralympic Games in Turin in 2006 and is currently practiced in 10 countries.