Paraplegic & Physically Disabled Federations, or Parafeds, are organisations that provide opportunities and encourage people with physical disabilities to participate in sport and recreation.

Offering a large variety of sports from archery to wheelchair tennis, depending on the region, New Zealand has 11 Parafeds operating around the country to enable physically disabled people to participate in sport and recreation activities of their choice.

Parafeds are also a crucial part of the pathway to Paralympic Games and the original national organisation (New Zealand Paraplegic & Physically Disabled Federation) was formed in 1968 to enable an official team to represent New Zealand at the Games.

Aside from the obvious physical and health benefits, which are many, sport contributes towards the development of social skills and psychological well-being. Regular involvement in sporting activities increases people's overall quality of life and is a large part of a Parafed's mission.