The freedom, fitness and fun to be had in the waves while surfing is no different for disabled surfers. The surfer lies flat on a surfboard as they paddle out to where the waves break best, then they wait and try to stand up on the board as they are moved along by a wave underneath them.

But one crucial difference exists for disabled surfers starting out, events mostly involve pairing up one participant with a minimum of six volunteers. The number of volunteers for each participant varies depending on their level of disability. Participants are taken into the broken waves of the surf where they are assisted in catching waves.

Depending on their disability, participants can ride waves on their stomachs, backs or standing up. Volunteers are lined up either side of the participant as they ride the wave to offer immediate support at any time. In most cases, participants will ride tandem with an experienced volunteer.

Anyone of all ages who needs assistance in the ocean can participate. However, participants should be accompanied by a carer during these events.