Triathlon is an exciting multi-discipline sport involving a continuous race over various distances in the three disciplines of swimming, cycling and running. A standard triathlon is made up of a swim, followed by a cycle ride, followed by a run.

Competitors race against the clock, which starts as they enter the swim and stops as they cross the finish line after the run.

For this reason, triathlon is often said to have a 'fourth discipline' known as the transition. The transition is the point in the race when competitors change from swimming to cycling, and from cycling to running.

However, Tri NZ is dedicated to more than just the action. It is dedicated to bringing people together. By encouraging participation in all that it does, a sport environment is created in which all young disabled New Zealanders have an opportunity to participate.

Tri NZ also provides support and competitive experiences for talented paratriathletes who want to maximise their potential, giving them the edge they need to win.