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Cerebral Palsy
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Hielke Oppers
Club founder/scuba instructor

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Scuba diving is one of the most accessible sports for people who have impairments. From the first moment you enter the underwater environment, there is a feelinundefinedg of wellbeing. In this totally different world, there is a feeling of freedom, weightless and safety. One moment at the waters edge, the next at one with the underwater world.

Many disabled people experience scuba diving as a therapy. During the dive, physical restrictions are forgotten and in some cases, there is even relief from pain and discomfort. Scuba diving can help people rehabilitate. It can have a positive effect on the mental state because the physical and mental experience underwater is the same for both able-bodied and disabled people.

Try Dives are conducted in a swimming pool environment. The depth will typically be between 1m-1.6m. Try Dives are conducted with qualified DDI Instructors and additional assistants to provide a safe environment.