Ben Buschl

Ben Buschl

21 year old Ben Buschl knows what it takes to get to the top.

Hard work, endurance and natural talent are just a few of the qualities the Nelson local, who has arthrogryposis, puts to use when playing wheelchair basketball for the New Zealand under 23 squad.

After eight years in the same wheelchair, Ben was overdue for a replacement and received an AllSports Activity Fund for a customised basketball wheelchair to replace the old one that was causing him pain.

Ben is thrilled with the new chair, which will improve his performance and give him greater freedom and says its light frame will be more agile and manoeuvrable on the court.

“Having my own customised chair makes quite a big difference,” says Ben. “This chair is for me personally, built exactly to my measurements.”

Ben’s great attitude, sporting talent and new wheelchair allow him to continue to be competitive in wheelchair basketball, a game that he loves.

“I really enjoy playing wheelchair basketball,” says Ben. “You can’t beat a good close game.”

Halberg Disability Sport Adviser, Justin Muschamp, helped Ben with the Halberg Activity Fund grant for his new wheelchair, and couldn’t be happier for him.

“Young athletes like Ben need to have talent, but also the specialist equipment to continue in sports such as wheelchair basketball,” says Justin.