Connor Fa'asega

Connor Fa'asega

11-year-old Connor Fa’asega is an outgoing and sociable young athlete who has lots of sporting dreams; he wants to be a sailor in the America’s Cup, fight in the UFC and cycle in the Tour De France.

The Dunedin resident, who has cerebral palsy, leads an active life which includes swimming and skiing, sailing, and he also takes part in budo - a form of martial arts.

His father, Wayne, says Connor has a positive attitude to everything he does.

Cycling is one of Connor’s favourite pastimes providing a physical activity and fun with his mates and brother.

Thanks to a Halberg AllSports Activity Fund, Connor received a new trike to replace his old one that he had outgrown. Connor was extremely excited about this and will use it to continue to participate in physical and social activities.

“It is really cool that I get to do all these things,” says Connor. “Thank you Halberg.”

Disability Sport Adviser, Bridget Meyer, has seen the enormous benefits that Connor gains from participating in sport and exercise, including a great sense of comradery shared with his friends and schoolmates.

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