Chad Campbell

Chad Campbell

Golf has opened up a whole new world for Chad Campbell. The Taranaki 14 year old, who has cerebral palsy and a vision impairment, is chuffed not only to find a sport he can play but one he loves.

His game is improving thanks to golf lessons provided through a Halberg Activity Fund grant and his daily practice sessions. Chad says the lessons are not only teaching him to play golf but the importance of staying positive, being motivated, mastering challenges and the opportunities that sport opens up.

Recently Chad has advanced to playing holes on a golf course.

"I really enjoy the course as it's interesting and presents new challenges," he says.

"I know that if I practice lots my game will improve - perseverance pays off."

Chad has been practising his swing every day since attending a Halberg Disability Sport Foundation Have a Go at Golf day in Taranaki organised by local Disability Sport Adviser John Sigurdsson. Following this, Chad used his own money to buy a golf mat so he can practice in the backyard.

"Setting up my practice area at home is very exciting, I will focus on my chipping which hopefully will improve my big game."

Chad has motivated his mother Sandy who is now getting into golf so she can play with her son.

Golf coach John Garner says Chad has come a long way from the quiet and shy boy he met.

 "During our lessons his personality and physical stature have developed, you soon find out who can take the losses, pick themselves up and keep progressing," John says.

Lessons were structured with putting first followed by chipping and swinging. He says Chad's awareness of the importance of consistency and routine is what a golfer at any level needs to work through pressure.

John says there is a simple system in coaching golf - you practise, you play and you analyse.

"It's the same system that Lydia Ko uses and she hadn't done too badly from it."

 "I am really pleased with his progress and proud to be his coach."