Jamie McEwan

Jamie McEwan

Like most girls her age, five year old Jaime McEwan has always wanted to learn to dance.

The youngster from Dunedin, who has a chromosomal disorder, which causes low muscle tone and affects her mobility, had found there were a number of barriers preventing her from starting dance classes.

But with the help of the Halberg Disability Sport Foundation and the Otago Adaptive Sport Mentoring Programme, Jaime has now been able to attend her first ballet lessons.

The Adaptive Sport Mentoring Programme, which is jointly run by the Halberg Disability Sport Foundation and Otago University, introduces physically disabled young people to sport and recreation opportunities in Dunedin by pairing up them up with PE students.

The PE students help their partners find out about local sport or recreational opportunities. It's a big help for parents who often don't know where to start when it comes to finding a sport for their children.

Bridget partnered Jaime up with third year student Kelsi Boaler and, within days, she was enrolled in ballet classes.  

It's a dream come true for the Dunedin local who is now able to participate fully in classes and is looking forward to performing in the end of year show. "She's super excited to be going to ballet and really enjoyed showing her school friends her new gear."

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